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My First Attempt At Gpu Mining Bitcoins With Ubuntu.

Posted by CreditCrunch , 25 April 2012 · 1,668 views


So, I've been meaning to have a go at mining bitcoins since they were first around, only, I did not
take them seriously enough to benefit from the cpu mining fortunes.

I recently bought a new computer, with a snazy graphics card... here are the specs

Aspire X3470

AMD Quad-Core A6-3600 APU
AMD Radeon HD (6530D + 6450 ) Dual Graphics (1GB VGA memory)

Now, unless you go out and purchase a shed load of computers and graphics cards, you can kiss goodbye to
earning any bitcoins, the only way you are going to get a steady payout is if you join a mining pool.

Here is a general outline of how to get started - for ubuntu.

1] Download the bitcoin linux client.


   Run the binaries and wait for the block chain to sync.

2] Download the python bitcoin miner, m0mchil supports GPU mining.


   choose the tar.gz, make sure you support the dependencies to run this file.

3] Find a pooled miner to join.  I've joined http://deepbit.net/ have had no problems.

   There is a philosophy that you should join up and comming pools so that no pool is too powerfull.

   What ever pool you do join, create and account.

4] Start mining,  if you joined deepbit.net starting your miner will look a lot like this.  

./poclbm.py -d0 -v username:[email protected]:8332

So, what do you get for your troubles?

I'm mining at ~36 MH/s with my GPU, which gives me a return of 10mBTC every 9 hours... that's 0.01 BTC

1 mBTC = 1x10^-3 BTC
1 uBTC = 1x10^-6 BTC

Let's hope BTC really takes of and those uBTC gain some real value... that would mean even at the current
rate of mining you would be an early adopter.

Send me some bits.  ;)


Apr 25 2012 04:40 PM
If you're planning on investing in BTC, it's probably better to buy and hold, rather than get involved with buying and setting up mining rigs. $1000 spent on a miner, will buy you 200 BTC , which would take you ages to mine.

I'm going to buy 200-300 BTC and just sit on them.
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