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My First Online Bitcoin Purchase, Music From Http://www.coindl.com/

Posted by CreditCrunch , 25 April 2012 · 555 views

I am very impressed with the ease and security of making online purchases with bitcoins, not need
to transmit your personal details to a website, instant transfer and instant delivery in this case
of digital goods.

CoinDL.com is a pioneer in the Bitcoin powered digital download market place, I see it becoming
a competitor to iTunes, Apple take note, ignore Bitcoins at your peril.

Making a purchase is so simple.

1] Select your digital goods.
2] Send payment to the address given in the product price description.
3] Withing seconds, on screen you are presented with a download link, just for you... maximum  
   download of 5 attempts.

    - You also have the option of giving your email address to have that link sent to you.

Not only does www.coindl.com have great potential for consumers, are you a digital artist? Music, images, ebooks?

This is an ideal time for you to make real waves in the online community by taking part and selling
your e-goods on www.coindl.com