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Why And How To Join And Create Your Creditcrunch.co.uk Account.

Posted by CreditCrunch , 10 September 2011 · 341 views


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About CreditCrunch.co.uk

CreditCrunch.co.uk, and the CreditCrunch.co.uk brand has been in existence since 2006, that is 2 years before
the credit crisis, financial turmoil and the global property and house price crisis was accepted in the mainstream media,
which did not happen until 2008. CreditCrunch.co.uk has been, and will continue to be ahead of the curve.

CreditCrunch.co.uk attracts a readership, and contributors, with the acumen, foresight and forethought to
provide and educate readers and new members over the subject areas of finance, investing,
currency exchange, property, debt, precious metals, gold and silver, politics and whatever current hot
topics are being discussed in the wider media.

The members of public debating issues here, frequently put the mainstream media to shame and
laugh in the face of the "we didn't see it coming" brigade. Even the Queen, in 2008, had to ask the
"experts" in the uk why they did not see the credit crunch coming. http://www.telegraph...nch-coming.html
Well... the truth is, too many criminals where making too much money to care, and people turned
a blind eye - but you won't see that commented on fairly in any national publication.

As nothing is certain in this world, creditcrunch.co.uk is seen as a place where members of the
public new to this subject area can ask questions to educate and arm themselves to take on and understand
the subjects reported in the media, interacting with the industry and daily life and investment decisions -
whatever that may bring.

Most importantly you will be encouraged to do your own research, and think for yourself... and break free
from media spoon feeding, and questionable press release/media relationship practices.

If you have any questions about the subject matter the website covers, or anything money related,
please join and ask away, there is no such thing as a stupid question, don't hesitate to use
the wealth of knowledge available here.

Record your thoughts for future generations to study

We are truly living through historic times.

CreditCrunch.co.uk has also been chosen as one of the websites that is regularly archived in the British Library: www.bl.uk
for preservation as a resource for the future study of the credit and financial crisis.

Our archive can be found at this link.

British Library Financial Crisis Archive: http://www.webarchive.org.uk/ukwa/target/27623477/collection/100698/source/collection

Your own blog

When you join CreditCrunch.co.uk, as well as having access to the forum area, you will also be able to start a blog on this
prestigious domain.

Great! Sign me up! How do I join and how much does it cost?

Membership is free, but we do ask you to pass a human test and also pay a 1p validation step.  

You may ask, why you should bother jumping through these hoops to join when there are a few
other free property forums on the Internet, as forum moderators we found out that the most
efficient way to keep control of Sockpuppets, Astroturfing, shills,spammers and trolls,
is simply to test if they are humans, then charge 1 penny, and map one paypal account to one user only.

We can't guarantee we'll block every single one, but we will sure be able to clean out the crap quicker than any other forum on the Internet.

These measures help us quickly and efficiently moderate the forums and in doing so improve your user experience, and allow unhindered conversation and exchange of points of views.

We take the effort to be here, keep this place up and running, all we ask for in return is a little effort when you first join up.

CreditCrunch.co.uk for these reasons is one of the elite places on the Internet that offers you a forum for Quality Economic Discussion.

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